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"We're getting amazing results from the content writing.  Our traffic and conversion rate increased considerably." - Ginger Z.,



Lynda Collins is an accomplished writer, marketing communications, and public relations professional based in Dallas.

From 2008-2021, Lynda worked as a Senior Communications Specialist for The Rainmaker Institute, the nation's largest law firm marketing company. She managed content development for a number of law firms in practice areas that included personal injury, estate planning, employment law, business law, family law, criminal law, white-collar defense, and more. 


Prior to forming her own company in 2006, she was Director of Public Relations for Winnercomm, Inc., America’s largest independent sports production, program development, marketing services, and sales representation company with offices in Dallas, New York, Chicago, Nashville, and Tulsa. Winnercomm produced over 1,000 hours of programming annually for ESPN and 13 other television networks. 


At Winnercomm, Lynda was responsible for public relations, media relations, event management, and implementation, news writing, and website content development for Winnercomm-owned sports television properties for ESPN, including People vs. the Pros and the Trump Million Dollar Invitational, two made-for-TV golf events, as well as the Dodge Xtreme Bulls Tour.  In addition, she handled PR and media relations for company subsidiary Skycam as well as PR projects for Winnercomm agency clients, including BASF, CITGO, Grand Bank, U.S. Shooting Academy, and the Professional Bowlers Association Tour.


From 1988-2004, Lynda served as Executive Vice President of Ackerman McQueen, one of the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S., where she was responsible for managing the agency’s marketing relationships with two Fortune 500 companies.  She directed PR activities for the agency and its clients, including publicity, media relations, and special events management, and also served as senior management supervisor for AM-Interactive, providing content development and project leadership for client websites including Six Flags, Oklahoma Tourism, SPX Dock Products, Brunswick and more. From 2000-2002, she was President of TrueNews, an Ackerman McQueen subsidiary responsible for developing and producing live news content on the Internet for leading energy brands.

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